What is MailerSend?

MailerSend is a powerful transactional email system built for developers but designed so non-tech teams can contribute without coding.

We believe that creating, sending and tracking transactional emails is a team effort. Everyone can contribute to analyzing and optimizing email engagement with MailerSend's intuitive interface, combined with a powerful sending infrastructure to scale quickly.

At the moment, transactional emails can be sent through MailerSend’s Email API or using SMTP relay.

MailerSend API

MailerSend API is RESTful, fully featured, and easy to integrate with.

Base URL

All API requests should start with the following base part:


Official libraries

MailerSend supports this list of official libraries for your favorite programming language. This is the easiest way to integrate MailerSend with your application.

See the full list of integrations we support hereopen in new window.

We try to keep our documentation as clear and simple as possible. If there is something you’d like to see, your feedbackopen in new window is always encouraged.

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